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THIS is the BBC Radio Lancashire playlist

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BBC Lancashire (c) BBC
BBC Radio Lancashire (c) BBC
After every broadcast of 'Unforgettable' BBC Radio Lancashire publish the 'playlist' of all the music heard in the show. However those lists only cover that weeks selection, and the archive of previous weeks has not been available.

You will now be able to look download as many previous playlists as we're able to find!

Below you'll find the music for the broadcasts over the past few years ...

Check the enhanced 'playlist' on the BBC Radio Lancashire site - now with links to artists and performers heard in the programme every week. Click 'Music Played'

*NB - from 11th April 2011 - the playlist download mirrors the list published on the BBC Radio Lancashire website. This should make the upload from me and the download to you more reliable!
Sunday 1st March 2015
Sunday 22nd February 2015
Sunday 15th February 2015
Valentines Special

Sunday 8th February 2015
Sunday 1st February 2015
Sunday 25th January 2015
Sunday 18th January 2015
Sunday 11th January 2015
Sunday 4th January 2015
Sunday 28th December 2014
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Sunday 21st December 2014
Christmas Special
Sunday 14th December 2014
Sunday 7th December 2014
Sunday 30th November 2014
Sunday 23rd November 2014
Sunday 16th November 2014

Pudsey Bear
Sunday 9th November 2014
Sunday 2nd November 2014
Sunday 26th October 2014
Sunday 19th October 2014
Sunday 12th October 2014
Sunday 5th October 2014
Sunday 28th September 2014
Sunday 21st September 2014
Sunday 14th September 2014
Sunday 7th September 2014
Sunday 31st August 2014
Sunday 24th August 2014
Sunday 17th August 2014
Sunday 10th August 2014
Sunday 3rd August 2014
The Great Composers
Sunday 27th June 2014
Sunday 20th June 2014
Sunday 13th June 2014
Sunday 6th June 2014
Sunday 29th June 2014
Sunday 22nd June 2014
Sunday 15th June 2014
Sunday 8th June 2014
WWII - D-Day special
Sunday 1st June 2014
Sunday 25th May 2014
Sunday 18th May 2014
Sunday 11th May 2014
Sunday 4th May 2014
Sunday 27th April 2014
Sunday 20th April 2014
Sunday 13th April 2014
Sunday 6th April 2014
Sunday 30th March 2014
Mothering Sunday
Sunday 23rd March 2014
Sunday 16th March 2014
Sunday 9th March 2014
Sunday 2nd March 2014
Sunday 23rd February 2014
Sunday 16th February 2014
Valentines Special
Sunday 9th February 2014
Sunday 2nd February 2014
Sunday 26th January 2014
Sunday 19th January 2014
Sunday 12th January 2014
Sunday 5th January 2014
Sunday 22nd December 2013
(Christmas Edition)
Sunday 15th December 2013
Sunday 8th December 2013
Sunday 1st December 2013
Sunday 24th November 2013
('Lancashire Week' Special)
Red Rose

Sunday 17th November 2013
('Children in Need' Special)
Pudsey Bear
Sunday 10th November 2013
Sunday 3rd November 2013
Sunday 27th October 2013
Sunday 20th October 2013
Sunday 13th October 2013
Sunday 6th October 2013
Sunday 29th September 2013
Sunday 22nd September 2013
Sunday 15th September 2013
Sunday 8th September 2013
Sunday 1st September 2013
Sunday 25th August 2013
Sunday 18th August 2013
Sunday 11th August 2013
Sunday 4th August 2013
Sunday 28th July 2013
Sunday 21st July 2013
Sunday 14th July 2013
Sunday 7th July 2013
Sunday 30th June 2013
Sunday 23rdJune 2013
Sunday 16thJune 2013
Sunday 9thJune 2013
Sunday 2nd June 2013
Sunday 26th May 2013
Sunday 19th May 2013
Sunday 12th May 2013
Sunday 5th May 2013
Sunday 28th April 2013
Sunday 21st April 2013
Sunday 14th April 2013
Sunday 7th April 2013
Sunday 31st March 2013
Easter Sunday
Sunday 24th March 2013
Sunday 17th March 2013
Comic Relief
Sunday 10th March 2013
Mothering Sunday
Sunday 3rd March 2013
Sunday 24th February 2013
Sunday 17th February 2013
Sunday 10th February 2013
Sunday 3rd February 2013
Sunday 27th January 2013
Sunday 20th January 2013
Sunday 13th January 2013
Sunday 6th January 2013
REMINDER - Programme moved to Sunday at 16:00 hrs GMT (Jan 6th 2013)
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Mon 31st December 2012
New Years Eve
Mon 24th December 2012
Christmas Eve
Mon 17th December 2012
Mon 10th December 2012
Mon 3rd December 2012
(Joe Wilson)
Mon 26th November 2012
Mon 19th November 2012
Mon 12th November 2012
Mon 5th November 2012
Mon 29th October 2012
Mon 22nd October 2012
Mon 15th October 2012
Mon 8th October 2012
Mon 1st October 2012
Mon 24th September 2012
Mon 17th September 2012
Mon 10th September 2012
Mon 3rd September 2012
Guild Special
Mon 27th August 2012
Mon 20th August 2012
Mon 13th August 2012
Mon 6th August 2012
Mon 30th July 2012
Mon 23rd July 2012
Mon 16th July 2012
Mon 9th July 2012
Mon 2nd July 2012
Mon 25th June 2012
Mon 18th June 2012
Mon 11th June 2012
Mon 4th June 2012
The Princess Years
Mon 28th May2012
Mon 21st May2012
Mon 14th May2012
Mon 7th May2012
Mon 30th April 2012
Mon 23rd April 2012
Mon 16th April 2012
Mon 9th April 2012
Easter Special
Mon 2nd April 2012
Mon 26th March 2012
Mon 19th March 2012
Mon 12th March 2012
Mon 5th March 2012
Mon 27th February 2012
Mon 20th February 2012
Mon 13th February 2012
Valentines Special
Mon 6th February 2012
Mon 30th January 2012
Mon 16th & 23rd January 2012
No playlists available (ill health)
Mon 9th January 2012
Mon 2nd January 2012


Mon 26th December 2011
Christmas Special 2
Mon 19th December 2011
Christmas Special 1
Mon 12th December 2011
Mon 5th December 2011
Mon 28th November 2011
Mon 21st November 2011
Mon 14th November 2011
Mon 7th November 2011
Mon 31st October 2011
Halloween Special
Mon 24th October 2011
Mon 17th October 2011
Mon 10th October 2011
Mon 3rd October 2011
Mon 26th September 2011
Mon 19th September 2011
Mon 12th September 2011
Mon 5th September 2011
Mon 29th August 2011
Mon 22nd August 2011
Mon 15th August 2011
Mon 8th August 2011
Mon 1st August 2011
Mon 25th July 2011
Mon 18th July 2011
Mon 11th July 2011
Mon 4th July 2011
Mon 27th June 2011
Mon 20th June 2011
Mon 13th June 2011
Mon 6th June 2011
Mon 30th May 2011
Mon 23rd May 2011
Mon 16th May 2011
Mon 9th May 2011
Mon 2nd May2011
Tue 26th April 2011
Mon 18th April 2011
*Mon 11th April 2011
Mon 4th April 2011
Mon 28th March 2011
Mon 21st March 2011
Mon 14th March 2011
Mon 7th March 2011

Mon 28th February 2011
Mon 21st February 2011
Mon 14th February 2011
Valentines Special
Mon 7th February 2011

Mon 31st January 2011
Mon 24th January 2011
Mon 17th January 2011
Mon 10th January 2011
Mon 3rd January 2011
New Year Special

Mon 27th December 2010
Christmas Special
Mon 20th December 2010
Mon 13th December 2010
Mon 6th December 2010

Mon 29th November 2010
Mon 22nd November 2010
Mon 15th November 2010
'Children's Favourites'
Pudsey Bear
Mon 8th November 2010
Mon 1st November 2010

Mon 25th October 2010
Mon 11th October 2010
Mon 4th October 2010

Mon 27th September 2010
Mon 20th September 2010
Mon 13th September 2010
Mon 6th September 2010

Mon 30th August 2010
Mon 23rd August 2010
Mon 16th August 2010
Mon 9th August 2010
Mon 2nd August 2010

Mon 26th July 2010
Mon 19th July 2010
Mon 12th July 2010
Mon 5th July 2010

Mon 28th June 2010
Mon 21st June 2010
Mon 14th June 2010
Mon 7th June 2010

Mon 31st May 2010
Mon 24th May 2010
Mon 17th May 2010
Mon 10th May 2010
Mon 3rd May 2010
VE DAY special

Mon 26th April 2010
Mon 19th April 2010
Mon 12th April 2010
Mon 5th April 2010

Mon 29th March 2010
Mon 22nd March 2010
Mon 15th March 2010
Mon 8th March 2010
Mon 1st March 2010

Mon 22nd February 2010
Mon 15th February 2010
Magic of the Musicals
Mon 8th February 2010
Mon 1st February 2010

Mon 25th January 2010
Mon 18th January 2010
Mon 11th January 2010
Mon 4th January 2010

Mon 28th December 2009
Christmas Special 2 (4hr)
Mon 21st December 2009
Christmas Special 1
Mon 14th December 2009
Mon 7th December 2009
Royal Variety 1955 Special

Mon 30th November 2009
Mon 23rd November 2009
Mon 16th November 2009
Children in Need Special
Mon 12th November 2009
Mon 9th November 2009
Missing playlists after site crash - very sorry
Mon 12th October 2009
Mon 5th October 2009

Mon 28th September 2009
Mon 21st September 2009
Mon 14th September 2009
Mon 7th September 2009

Monday 31st August 2009
War Years Special
Monday 24th August 2009
Monday 17th August 2009
Monday 10th August 2009
Monday 3rd August 2009

Monday 27th July 2009
Monday 20th July 2009
Monday 13th July 2009
Monday 6th July 2009

Monday 29th June 2009
Monday 22nd June 2009
Monday 15th June 2009
Monday 8th June 2009
Monday 1st June 2009

Monday 25th May 2009
Wednesday 13th May 2009
Monday 4th May 2009

Screen grab - 'Unforgettable' Playlist
Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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