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Unforgettable TUNE IN 'LIVE' every Sunday Afternoon 16:00 to 18:00 BST (Lancashire)
PLUS every Sunday Evening 22:00 to 24:00 BST (Manchester)

BBC Radio Lancashire (c) BBC
BBC Radio Lancashire (c) BBC

BBC Radio Lancashire
Since 2007, 'Unforgettable' has been broadcast every Monday evening at 19:00 hrs by BBC Radio Lancashire. The programme features three hours
of musical nostalgia - spanning the decades from the 1920's to the 1960's. It's largely a request programme - with most of the music each week chosen by the listeners. The power of the music is to rekindle some memories, and sometimes play again a recording that someone hasn't heard for over half a century!
You can listen 'live' or whenever you want via the BBC iPlayer. You'll find links here to do either - and request your personal favourites
REMINDER From 2013 - the programme moved to 16:00hrs every Sunday afternoon on BBC Radio Lancashire

BBC Radio Manchester
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BBC Radio Manchester NEW
We're delighted to announce the return of Gerald Jackson's Unforgettable to BBC Radio Manchester. Starting 22nd June 2014 - the show that started on what was then BBC GMR returns to the station every Sunday Night at 22:00 hrs
Listen live on 05.1 and 104.6 FM, DAB and on-line.
You can also listen again via the BBC iPlayer for radio and the website. "Gerald Jackson's Unforgettable" on BBC Radio Manchester.

TEXT 81333 + Manc and email gerald.jackson@bbc.co.uk

Go direct to the BBC Radio Manchester Playlist (Click Here)

Welcome to the 'Unforgettable' website,
supporting the BBC Radio Lancashire radio programme presented by Gerald Jackson

This site is in no way connected with or produced by the BBC. The content is published here as an extension to the official BBC Radio Lancashire site. Or the BBC Radio Manchester one.

We hope you find the information and links, useful and that they enhance your enjoyment of the radio show.
Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
To get in touch with Gerald by email - CLICK HERE

Some facts about the programme ...
'Unforgettable' started out life at BBC GMR (now BBC Radio Manchester) back in May 2000. That programme had a very similar format to the current BBC Radio Lancashire incarnation. It was broadcast on Monday evening, for three hours and included requests from listeners all over the North West. Come to think of it - the format is identical! In 2000 the first programme included Bob Hope & Bing Crosby singing together, Judy Garland, Caroll Gibbons and the Ink Spots.
The series ran for around three years, and built up a loyal and devoted audience. At the end of July 2007, BBC Radio Lancashire asked Gerald Jackson to bring the programme to Monday nights there. The long running Frank Wappat show was coming to an end, and the station wanted to replace it with a similar mix of music and nostalgia.
Things had changes since 2000, and now anyone could listen around the world via the BBC website. It soon became apparent that many of the former listeners in Manchester and the North West had found the timeslot and station. Added to that, people from the USA, Australia and across Europe also logged on to listen. Another technical development, the BBC iPlayer now also provides a 7 day catch up service, so listening is no longer restricted to the live event.
BBC Radio Manchester NEW
From Sunday 22nd June 2014 the programme returned to BBC Radio Manchester every Sunday evening from 22:00 hrs. The two programmes are different shows, but there's likely to be quite allot of crossover with the musical requests! Why not listen to both?
The first programme on BBC Radio Lancashire

Unforgettable Running Order
See the running order for the first
BBC Radio Lancashire Show (30-07-07)